About AAP

Arts Abroad Project (thereafter as AAP) was established by China Education Association of International Exchange and Tongji University in 2013, and AAP Office is also jointly founded by above two national institutes for AAP execution and development.

AAP is going to build up a global network of overseas study centers. This network integrates the resources of domestic and foreign colleges and universities to propel the curriculum innovation, so that AAP can establish a teaching system which can adopt the need of globalization.

AAP is designed specifically to carry out multi-level, wide-ranging exchanges and collaboration in education, to promote intercultural communication, and to enhance the students’ awareness and understanding of different countries and cultures. A variety of ways of utilizing international educational resources including mutual recognition of credits between Chinese and foreign universities will support the exchanges of both faculties and students.


  • 01

    To reaserach the organisation structure and operation mode of overseas study centers.

  • 02

    To coordinate and promote the construction of overseas study centers.

  • 03

    To create evaluation criteria and managing policies for each study center.

  • 04

    To build the platform and promote cooperation between Chinese and Overseas universities.

  • 05

    To implement decisions made by the Management Office