Platform Services


AAP platform will provide services on discipline development for member units, facilitate the internal and external cooperation and exchanges, in order to promote the international school-running and teaching capability in the construction of Art education.
AAP platform services include:

  • Sino-Foreign Joint-Education

As the high level degree program of AAP, Sino-Foreign Joint-Education aims to promote the internationalization process of Chinese art universities, by helping them connect with overseas schools to co-educate students. Students could also be able to pursue graduate studies overseas in the most convenient and cost-effect way.  

  • Artist-in-Residence

Studios in Florence and Melbourne are open to Chinese artists and young teachers of member institutes. The Artist-in-Residence Programs will provide better services for their study, creative work, exhibition and promotion abroad. The multiple modes will facilitate the cooperation between Chinese artists and famous local art institutes & fashion design enterprises. The bridge of mutual communication and study will be built via seminars, workshops and exhibitions, which will make Chinese outstanding culture go global.

  • Dean Training

The main aim of this program is to enhance the leadership at the background of internationalization of higher education. Via intensive trainings, visiting abroad and academic communication, this program will use advanced educational methods and ideas, to promote the exchange of experience between universities at home and abroad on the subject of talent cultivation of art disciplines, to enhance the management level of colleges and professionalization of leaders.

  • Study in China (for western art students)

AAP is going to integrate the outstanding education resources and establish 4-5 study centers in China to form the study network. Foreign students will enjoy the study mode of mobility and interaction to immerse in the Chinese culture. Project will include customized short-term faculty-led program and semester program.

  • Overseas Scholars Academic Exchange

AAP will introduce high-level overseas scholars of Art disciplines and new cross-disciplinary field, whose fame and influence will make contribution to teaching, research or cultivation of talents for Chinese art education. This program will intensify communication between AAP member units and foreign relevant institutes and promote the construction and development of relevant disciplines, in order to enhance the level and quality of academic exchanges.

  • Overseas Doctor Degree Recommendation

AAP provides member units with professional support on overseas doctor degree application, and provide relevant advice and services for them.

  • Portfolio Review Course

The portfolio review course provided by Tongji Design is designed to improve students’ understanding and structure of portfolios in support their application to graduate schools and job opportunities. Using the advanced blended teaching method, knowledge taught through the Tongji Design site will be enhanced by in-person tutorials, as a part of Higher Education attempt to optimize the curriculum system for Design subjects and improve quality of education.

  • Other incubation programs

  • Online course platform on generic creative design

  • Overseas exhibition for Chinese faculties and students

  • Foreign educators recruitment

  • Teacher training

  • Innovation hub